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Total Solar Eclipse, Plus Local Birding Spots

Whether you are just passing through Kansas City, Missouri or you are planning a day trip, birding is a great way to get out and about to stretch your legs, see the local scenery and have a fun day. The Kansas City metro area alone has over 40 birding parks, sites and trails. Missouri itself has hundreds of amazing spots for bird watching. Please check out the Great Missouri Birding Trail website for all the information you need to plan your birding excursions!

Plus, if you happen to be in the area on August 21st, the total solar eclipse is a must see. Some of the best spots to watch the eclipse will be right here in Kansas City. There are events happening in honor of the moon passing in front of the sun all over the city.

St. Joseph will be your absolute best option for viewing the eclipse. The city falls exactly in the perfect position within the 70-mile-wide area across 14 states in which the moon will completely cover the sun! St. Joseph will be hosting an array of activities throughout the day including teacher workshops, astronomy lectures and public observing sessions.

Also keep in mind that you get yourself a pair of quality solar eclipse approved viewing glasses- you will want to be able to see on the 22nd!