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RV Spring Cleaning 101

After exploring the wild wilderness for a year, your RV is bound to get a little dirty. But don’t worry! We’ll give you some of our best tips for each room and point out places that may need the most love. Get some music going, put a little hop in your step, and let’s get spring cleaning!


Your Mattress is something you spend up to a third of your life on and it will, in turn, get pretty grimy! We recommend mixing baking soda and your favorite essential oil (we like lavender or lemon) together and spread it all over the bare mattress. After you have le tit sit for an hour, vacuum up the mixture you have created and then change out those pillowcases and sheets to the summer ones!

Blinds can get very dirty, very quickly with all of the dirt and dust in the air. A simple and quick way to clean them right up is to soak them in water and vinegar (or bleach). After they have sat in the combination for awhile drain and rinse them thoroughly. Lay them out to dry in the sun, and after they will be as good as new!

Make sure to vacuum up those corners and the floor! We recommend putting a ketchup squeeze bottle lid on the vacuum to get those very small, hard to reach spots. If there are any darkened stains in the carpet you can make a 1 part white vinegar 2 parts water mixture to get rid of those. Spray the surface with the mixture and cover it with a damp rag. Put an iron on the steam setting and iron the rag out for up to a minute.


After being used all year the freezer is going to get some extra frost build up. Turn off the power to the freezer/fridge (after taking whatever food leftover out and put into a cooler) and let it thaw out for a good 30 minutes. Remove the remaining frost/ice and scrub it down with a bit of soapy water and then clean it with non-soapy water. Replace the items you took out. Might as well do the same for the inside of the fridge while your at it!

Now check those shelves. See if there are any expired items or items you never use and toss them for some extra space. Remove any open bags of stuff and put them in clear containers for a more organized look. But before placing all of those items back, line those shelves with shelf liner for easier clean up and more secure storage!

Move to the counters and sink area. Really scrub those countertops with the soapy water and then the plain water. When cleaning the sink grab some baking soda and sprinkle it all over it. Then place paper towels with white vinegar all over the surface of the sink and let sit for 20 minutes. Take the paper towels off, then scrub down with water.

Living Space

For any scuffs or scratches mixing a 1/4 cup white vinegar and 3/4 cup olive oil and then rubbing the mixture over the surface with a rag will clean the scuffs up quick!

Spray whatever microfiber furniture you have with rubbing alcohol and scrub the stains away with a brush. Also don’t forget to vacuum underneath them to get all of those stray crumbs.

Lastly, don’t forget to clean up window edges/cracks with some vinegar, q-tips, and a sponge! Mold and dirt build up is no joke, so it is a good idea to do this for all windows in the RV.

With all of these tips you are bound to have that RV cleaned up in no time at all! Happy cleaning!