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Trailside RV Kansas City Testimonials

Over the past thirty years, Trailside RV Kansas City has had the privilege of serving thousands of customers. We are proud to share with you just a few of the thoughts and comments these families and friends have had to say about their experience with Trailside RV Kansas City.


We we're shopping for a travel trailer today and wanted to learn more about trailers that are compatible with Chevrolet's Transparent Trailer feature. We had talked with several Chevy dealers and RV dealers. No one could help. Our sales person didn't have the answer either but sent us back to parts where we met Connor. Connor wasn't immediately able to answer our questions but said he would look into it and get back to us. We had not been gone 15 minutes and we received a call from Connor with the answers we were looking for. We were so impressed that he did the research and followed-up as promised. Thanks Connor!

- Gil

Thank you so much Virg. You have made this purchasing experience very smooth and easy for us and I will continue to recommend your company to my friends and family. You guys have been fantastic with both of the campers I have purchased from you. Keep up the great customer service.

- J. Clark

Hi Chad and Trailside Gang,

We went out to the storage area to visit our trailer last night. Can't wait to take it out! Maybe that will happen soon since the snow has melted. It worked great having the extra room over the holidays. We even got to sleep in it one night! Ha!


Thanks for all you did for us. We appreciate it.

- L. Parks, Kansas City

I wanted to officially post my recent positive experience in purchasing a pop-up from Trailside RV. I felt the service was tremendous. I have experienced past purchases where the service and customer care changes for the worse shortly after the purchase. In Trailside RV, it seemed to get better.

I would also like to commend Devin for his approach in showing us how to setup the pop-up. Again the service was great since he took plenty of time to explain each step. He did not rush the process but made sure we understood each step before moving on. When we left Trailside we felt we got the better end of the deal, hence this letter.

Thanks so much.

- Scott & Pam, Nixa MO

I ordered a Tailgater on Tuesday and it was delivered on Wednesday. It was the best price I found and the shipping cost was also low. I will be looking here first for all my camping needs. Thanks Trailside for holding the line on prices. Great price, great shipping and great service.

Thank you,

- Michael, Independence KS

We were under a lot of stress visiting with plumbing problems from Canada which your team did a great job fixing within the limitations of our time lines. I have dealt with a lot of service advisors over the years and Lacy was great. Not only did she pull everything together but she has great communication skills. She gave us helpful advice about things to see locally which we would have missed otherwise. She also explained the work and related costs very well.

Thank you,

- Jonathan F, Nova Scotia Canada

Just a quick note to let you know that I bent all of the prongs on the new plug of the new king pin inward and that took care of the problem. I assume the break prong was not making a good connection. We love the new king pin. We winterized the 5th wheel last weekend and put a cover on it for the winter. Thanks for your high quality work. We will always use you for repairs in the future.

Thanks so much.

- Frank

Thank you to all who helped me out with my broken leaf springs. The trailer actually rides a lot better with the heavier leaf springs selected by the parts department. I would like to send special thank you to the mechanic that fixed the torn panel. Very cleaver fix that eliminated all movement. And of course thanks to Mike for making things happen.

Thanks so much.

- Jay

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