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  • Published on Apr 27, 2016
    How to Become the Ultimate Tailgater

    Half of the fun of seeing your favorite team destroy the competition is the pregame festivities beforehand! It’s not just a party for students anymore; the party is flowing into the lives of families and adult’s young and old. Creating the ideal tailgate experience takes, well, experience. However, there are a few shortcuts you can take to make your tailgate destroy the competition.  Here are some sure fire ways to get your party the one that won’t want to be missed. 


    However old you are, you need to step it up in the drinks department to make sure you have the best tailgate out there. Go out and buy some quality beers and depending on the event space or parking lot, maybe even some classy glass bottles (check glass regulation beforehand). Heck, maybe you buy a keg for your tailgate! Kegs may be pricey but buying in bulk is the new black and doesn’t it feel good to be the guy on the block with a big keg? Let me answer that---it does. The other thing to consider with drinks is who will be attending. If there are any gluten-free individuals or children, you need to accommodate accordingly! No one likes to feel left out, especially when it comes to drinks on a hot summer day.

    The Grub

    If you want your party to really pop off, people will need to smell you before they see you. The classic burgers and hot dogs just aren’t cutting it anymore. The transformation and progression of tailgate food is astounding today. You can put some gamier meat into your burgers and throw on some brats for a safe bet, or you can get even crazier. There are truly no limits in this category and people seem to be pushing the boundaries each game day. Go do the same! 

    The Music

    Similar to needing to smell you before they see you, you’ll need a creative and original playlist to go with your ultimate tailgate party. Don’t use music that will be played during half time or time outs at the game—that music is overused and copied. Find a friend or relative who is into the music scene to get you in line if you aren’t up to date with the new and popular music. Whatever genre, make sure the volume is at full blast. Have fun with it and cut some rugs to stretch out before the game!

    The Rig 

    Finally, and maybe most importantly, you’re going to need an RV or motorhome to support the liveliness. They’ll have retractable awnings for your weather pleasures and it will create a homey feel for your guests. Bring a table and some chairs and kick back under your home on wheels and you’ll have people wanting to stay and pay rent. Not to mention you will have your own bathroom. The coming hours are sure to be stressful and chaotic so this is your time to relax with friends and family and prepare for what’s to come. 

    Ready to have the tailgate party of the decade? If you follow these guidelines you are sure to be the one to beat. Need some assistance on an RV dealer in Kansas City? Trailside RV in Kansas City is your one stop shop! Come see our inventory and friendly faces at 700 R D Mize Road, Grain Valley, MO 64029 or give us a call at (816) 229-2257.

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