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  • Published on Apr 18, 2014

    The Future of Roads

    Future of Roads

    It’s hard to conceive roads being any different than they are now. Roads as we know them seem so elementary, simple and unchanging. For those of us in the RV community we have spent more time on the road than most people spend at home. The road is our home away from home. 

    Two new companies are trying to alter what the future of the road will be and by doing so will change the world forever. 

    A new idea is being developed in the Netherlands by Daan Roosegaarde by the Dutch engineering firm Heijmans Infrastructure. They are developing the first smart highway. The Netherlands goal is to cut energy costs, while simultaneously increasing safety. 

    Their trial run will use glow-in-the dark technology. The road markings will be made with photo-luminescent paint that charges in the daytime and glows green for up to eight hours at night time. This will drastically decrease the use of street lights and, if Roosegaarde is correct, will prove to be much safer for motorists. 

    Furthermore, Roosegaarde wants to add a temperature sensitive technology that lights up a snowflake-like image on the pavement when the road get’s slippery. Unfortunately,  this new and helpful development will not be deployed with the first prototype. 

    The Netherlands will be testing this on a stretch of 500-meter highway in the Netherlands, which is roughly equivalent to 5 and a half football fields. It is being called the “Route 66 of the future.” 

    Roosegaarde commented on his astonishment that the world spends billions on researching and designing cars, but we manage to spend very little time thinking about our roads, that affect our landscape. 

    The Netherlands government is more concerned with the safety of it’s citizens, and want to put the new proposal for the future of roads under a strict trial basis. They want hard evidence on how this is safer than what they already have. 

    Many critics fear that as daylight hours dwindle, such as  in the winter time, the glow- and- the dark paint will not be able to keep up, like a normal street light would. Only time will tell. 

    Personally, I think this type of technology should be used on roads without street lights. The are already pitch dark. Something is certainly better than nothing. We could use it as a cheap alternative for the time being. I know there have been many nights driving my RV when I saw a deer at the last second because there were no street lights.

    I’m sure the Netherlands actions has sparked some interest here in the states and city planners and engineers have their wheels turning. Let us know what you think about the possibility of doing away with street lights and using glow in the dark roads paint to light your way.

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