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  • Published on Jun 18, 2015
    The Evolution of Camping

    In the early 1900's a movement would start that would change the way American families camped forever. This movement of course was when the first RVs were introduced to America in 1910. It was then that Americans could finally own something that would give them the freedom to not only camp where they wanted to, but also to travel from spot to spot in an easier way. Now the first RVs weren't the most practical, but as with anything, the first time around is not always going to be smooth.

    Camping has evolved quite a bit from those early days in the 1900's. RVs have changed with the times and now more than ever people are beginning to realize the potential that owning an RV can have. According to the RVIA, shipments of RVs in 2015 are expected to reach approximately 365,000 units, which would be the highest total since 2006. 

    Here are some ways in which RV camping is changed and why we think it is all for the better.

    1. Our House in the Middle of the Forest

    If you were to head out to a national forest or national park, chances are you would see tons of RVs that have set up camp. A big reason that RV camping has changed so much is the fact that more and more places are accommodating them. With great organizations like KOA springing up in the 1960’s, campgrounds began to offer people a place that they could go and do more than just park their RV overnight. KOA campgrounds today offer so many activities and other things to do that some are must stop destinations when people hit the road.

    With more and more campgrounds springing up, national parks and forests also made room for RV camping. The National Park Service offers plenty of camping for RVs and they have great accommodations as well. Many sites offer firewood, programs for families and great facilities to make sure that if you have an RV, you can take full advantage of what it has to offer.

    2. They Come in All Shapes and Sizes

    In the early 1900’s RVs and Caravans such as the Pierce-Arrow “Touring Landau” were considered innovative because it came with an on-board bathroom. In today's world if the RV doesn’t have bluetooth capabilities and granite countertops, it might be considered “behind the times.” It truly is amazing to see how far RVs have come in just about 100 years. Heck, 115 year-old Michigan native Jeralean Talley has seen a time with no RVs and now a time where there are millions on the road that come in all shapes and sizes.

    Starting off in the early 1900's, travel trailers naturally were a big seller. Fast forward to 1936 when Wally Byam introduced the "Airstream Clipper," a great travel trailer with a classic look. According to, of the 400 travel trailer builders operating in 1936, only Airstream would survive the Great Depression.

    Once World War II ended, many Americans began looking for ways to become more mobile. With people coming back from the war and starting families, the economy began to boom along with the RV industry. Today’s RV manufacturers mostly started production in the 50s or 60s depending on brand, but they all were racing against each other to give the American public a great design and improved comfort. 

    In the 1980’s the Class A Diesel motorhome movement began and manufacturers began searching for ways to make motorhomes an appealing option for ditching a house. As the evolution of motorhomes evolved, kitchens, beds and bathrooms became main focuses of manufacturers wanting to let people know they could start a new life on the road if they wanted. A popular activity for newly retired people, full-time RVing and snowbirding became popular for people who owned motorhomes. Today you can't go to far without spotting a motorhome in a parking lot or on the road, and for good reason!

    3. Features, Features, Features

    As with any industry, technology has made the RV industry so different that most people can’t believe what the inside of some RVs look like. Leather seating, granite countertops, wireless TVs and entertainment options are now almost standard. With the demand for luxury going up, it has caused some people to question whether RV camping is really camping after all, or is it glamping, a popular term used to describe glamourous camping.

    The fear is that with so many features you have in your house, would people want to spend more time inside their RV than in the outdoors? It may be a fair question, but as far as we are concerned, you can upgrade the camper all you want, but a camper will always have a love for the outdoors. In other words, we feel like if you have an RV, you love the outdoors!

    Trailside RV

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