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  • Published on Apr 09, 2014

    Travel in Style with these RV Accessories

    Today's RV lifestyle is about much more than just having a comfortable bed to sleep on. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="259"]rv in style                More than just a Bed[/caption] Sure, it’s nice to have a comfortable bed and couch, and traveling with family and friends is half the fun, but are you missing out? Modern RVs have so much to offer in the way of accessories that can bring your enjoyment of RVing to the next level. Here are some examples of today's must have RV accessories.


    Pretty much standard on new RVs these days are items such as huge flat screen TVs and surround sound systems, and most have better quality than what you have at home! But with new technology for your RV, you can make that TV and surround sound work by adding on an in-motion satellite dish. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="250"]in-motion satellite dish               In-Motion Satellite Dish[/caption] Becoming a very popular add-on to any RV, an in-motion satellite dish such as King Controls KD3000 King-Dome LP provides you the chance to watch satellite TV on the go! The receivers features include:

    • A built-in tuner that allows use with a variety of receivers for DIRECTV, DISH and Bell TV.
    • Dual output LNB for viewing different channels from the same satellite on 2 different TVs when using a second receiver.
    • Compatible with HD programming for DISH and Bell TV so that you will never miss your favorite show or sporting event.

    If you want your entertainment to go with you outdoors, try converting your side storage compartment to an outdoor entertainment center! Many different things can be mounted in the side compartment of an RV, including stereos and TVs. So next time you want to get out and enjoy the outdoors, your music or entertainment can join you.


    If you've ever been to a NASCAR race and walked through the RV fields, you've probably noticed that most luxury coaches are decked out with every possible RV accessory you could imagine. When they open their outdoor storage compartments you can see everything from ice machines to extra freezer space for their kitchen! [caption id="" align="alignright" width="200"]Outdoor RV Grilling                  Grill in Style[/caption] If you like to show off your cooking capabilities, a new stainless steel grill is the perfect way to put your stamp on outdoor cooking. If you want to show off even more, you can have your grill mounted so it swings around to the end of your RV, creating a picnic table as well as a cooking station that will awe everyone in attendance. One of the most desired accessories that rarely come standard on an RV is an awning. Trailside RV Center can easily add this marvelous shade maker to the sales ticket and have it ready for you in no time. You also might consider RV window awnings for your windows, which keeps your RV cool in hot climates (not to mention they keep the glaring sun out of your eyes when inside).

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    The list of available RV accessories aimed at making life easier on the road (or perhaps more luxurious) is virtually endless. The only limitation is your imagination, and the size of your wallet! Many of these accessories can be added during the building process at the factory. When ordering your new RV, let your salesman know what you would like to include. For items that you want to add down the road, Trailside RV Center will be happy to arrange installation for you. Check out our full parts store for all your RV accessories that you might need. Which RV accessories do you think are must-haves? Tell us on our Facebook page!      

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