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  • Published on Jan 09, 2015
    #RVPV Update

    Making a Difference

    On yet another cold day here in Kansas City, the warmth of a community made the biting wind a little more bearable.

    At 8:15 a.m., Trailside RV Center's 2011 Damon Astoria wheeled into the parking lot of KRBZ 96.5 the Buzz in Kansas City. What happened next we could have never imagined!

    Steve Francis, President of Trailside, was interviewed on air by DJ’s and #RVPV event organizers Afentra and Danny Boi. After they recapped the story of how #RVPV came about and what the caravan’s route would be, the three came out to the parking lot to take a look at the big rig. After some greetings, several local news stations that were on hand including KCTV-5 and Fox-4 took turns interviewing Steve and the DJ’s. After everyone had their interviews, the caravan was off to Prairie Village to send a light hearted, peaceful message that RVers are just like everyone else. (If you haven't been following the story, we wrote about it earlier in the week.)

    Led by the 96.5 “Buzz” van, the caravan had around 10 cars following the van and RV throughout the neighborhoods of Prairie Village. The caravan then came to a stop in the neighborhood where the RV letter scandal started. Some got out of their cars to take pictures and talk to some neighbors who thought it was a cool idea that all of this started by people listening to the radio. 

    When Danny Boi and Afentra got back in the Buzz Van to return to the station, disaster struck! The Buzz Van had stalled, and despite everyone’s best efforts it would not start. Luckily for them, Steve and the boys gave them a lift back to the station in the good old Astoria, and all returned to their destinations safely. No one was harmed, police were cooperative and overall it was a lovely morning to meet some great people and have a good time in the name of RVs!

    A big thanks to everyone who participated in the event. Special thanks to Danny Boi and Afentra from KRBZ 96.5 the Buzz for setting up the event and taking a stand for RVers everywhere. To see a community of listeners and RVers alike come together was an uplifting experience, and we hope that this will inspire other communities and RV dealerships to come together for a common cause. 

    For more coverage of the event, here are some helpful links:

    We took several pictures of the event and they are listed below. Enjoy, and #RVPV!


    #RVPV Trailside RV


    #RVPV Trailside RV


    #RVPV Trailside RV


    #RVPV Trailside RV

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