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  • Published on Jul 18, 2014
    RVing on a Budget

    Resourceful Camping

    According to a recent survey, RVing is one of the cheapest ways to travel. Summer is rapidly coming to an end and will be gone before we know it, so take that trip you have been dreaming of and get out there! 

    Here are a few tips to help you have as much fun as possible for just a little coin.

    Planning Your Food Budget

    The best advice we can give you is to cook your own food. If, of course, you have your own kitchen. Eating out can add up rather quickly, so if you have to do it, make sure to find a coupon or a daily special that you can take advantage of.

    If you do dine at local restaurants, plan where you will eat and how much it should cost. We are fully aware that you only have so much storage space, but you can always stop at a local grocery store and pick up some local seafood or whatever it may be.

    This buzzfeed article offers some great camping recipes if you are interested. 

    Bring or Rent Bicycles

    One of the best ways to save that is not so obvious is to bring a form of transportation. Last year when one of our colleagues went on a trip, he had to pack everything up anytime he wanted to take a trip, even to the gas station to grab some popcorn to snack on. Bikes are a great way to save on gas and convenience.

    If you have a motorhome, then you could even take this one step farther, and tow a car behind your RV. This will save you gas in the long run, and more importantly it will be much easier to see the area and get around. 

    Overnight at Walmart

    Perhaps you don’t want to pay the extra money to stay at a campground for a night and your adventure is taking you to other cities. Our advice would be to hunker down in a Walmart parking lot, get some rest, and finish the drive in the morning.

    A word of advice would be to pay attention to any signage that might indicate that particular Walmart not allowing RVs in their parking lots overnighting. You could also go check with the store manager to make sure he or she doesn’t mind. 

    A spot near the back and on the outer edge should do no harm, and will save you at least $50 bucks. 

    Budget your Attractions

    There are countless free and exciting activities to do if you do a little research. Depending where you are planning to take your trip, think about visiting a national park. Here is a list of free and fun things to do. Brace yourself.

    • wildlife refuges
    • state capitols
    • museums
    • hiking
    • canoeing
    • fishing
    • bicycling
    • mountain climbing

    Do some research online and ask friends who live relatively close in the area for great ideas. After all of these savings you should have enough money to do some great activities. That is the point of the trip after all. So bring on the great memories!

    Trailside RV

    If you need anymore more advice on how to save a few dimes on your next RV trip, stop in at Trailside RV in Grain Valley, MO.

    We also have some of the greatest deals on new and used RVs in the Kansas City Metro Area.  

    Please feel free to share more tips that have proved to be useful to you when it comes to budgeting and cheap travel. We would love to hear your opinion!

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