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  • Published on Apr 09, 2014

    RV Survival in Any Mess

    Dale's RV from The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead, a popular television show and comic series, showcased how useful an RV can be in any sort of dire situation. At Trailside RV Center, we would love to sell you a new or used RV to help you survive the next zombie apocalypse or prepare for a relaxing family vacation (those things are closely related, right?) There are several advantages a quality RV can provide to you during your next trip or survival outbreak:


    Above all else, a good RV is a good place for shelter. The locking doors and windows make it difficult to impossible for intruders to enter. The designated sleeping areas provide a bit of comfort and security during the nights. Most RVs also have facilities for bathrooms and showering to help you survive any long trips.


    Any one that's seen a zombie movie knows that being stationary is too often fatal. Staying mobile and active is key to staying alive. RVs provide a good balance of protection and mobility, giving you a mobile shelter with the freedom to explore.

    Vantage Point

    Many RVs have easy access to the roof to give you a better view of your area. Whether you're scouting or simply keeping guard; an RV can make an excellent vantage point of your surrounding area.


    When traveling the nation's highways to visit family or fighting off hordes of undead walking corpses; a good RV can be your best friend. You will no doubt need more than you can carry on your person to survive either situation described above. Most RVs will have additional storage compartments for you to bring along anything and everything you need.


    A good RV can have multiple purposes; some intended and some unconventional. We sincerely hope that your RV only has to serve as a family recreational vehicle for traveling and camping. However, it never hurts to be prepared!

    Trailside RV Survival

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