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  • Published on Jan 07, 2015
    An RV Revolution


    It all started with an RV that was parked in a driveway over the holidays. Then a letter. Then a city council meeting, and now, maybe a parade. 

    Last week in a surrounding neighborhood of Prairie Village, KS, Amy Szablewski received two seperate letters that were addressed to her regarding the status of an RV. The RV in question was parked in a driveway and was apparently distracting some neighbors. Szablewski found it odd because she does not own an RV, and there was certainly not one parked in her driveway.

    The letter ended up being addressed to the wrong house, but the RV still remained parked in the neighborhood. However, it wasn't so much the letter Szablewski was frustrated with, but rather the letter’s content. The letter came off to her as very snooty and downright rude. The person who composed the letter stated that the RV needed to be moved to maintain the "nice, attractive street." Later on in the letter it states that the RV might belong in Independence, Gardner, the Troost area, or western Shawnee. 

    Confused as to why someone would say this about a harmless RV parked in a driveway, Szablewski decided to share her story with WDAF FOX 4 in Kansas City. You can read the full story here.

    Although discussions about RV regulations in Priaire Village have been ongoing for more than a year now, those discussions heated up earlier this week and some changes were made by the city council. According to another FOX 4 article, the city council went ahead and imposed new regulations to how and where an RV should be parked on private property.

    An RV now must follow these guidelines when parked in a driveway or on the property:

    • RV must be fully screened up to six feet, with some sort of plants, a cover or a fence covering from neighboring views
    • RV must have a custom fit cover, no tarp is allowed 
    • RV cannot be stored in front of the home building line 

    After the initial dust settled, a local radio station in Kansas City, KRBZ 96.5 the Buzz had Szablewski on the air to describe the plans they had for Prairie Village and the snooty neighbors who were offended by the RV. DJ’s Danny Boi and Afentra on the morning show "Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz", laid out a plan to conduct an RV Parade throughout Prairie Village. The parade would take place on Friday and would be held along several streets in Prairie Village. The goal of course being to show the neighborhood that RVs and people who own them are not lesser citizens, and don’t belong in other parts of town. The DJ's took to twitter early Tuesday morning to express their feelings on the issue.




    As you can see, a movement is starting to organize on social media with the hashtag #RVPV, which stands for "Recreational Vehicles Prairie Village." We will be in contact with organizers and if a parade really does take place, we will be sure to get pictures and let you know what happened! 

    Regardless, we think it is a great idea to make people aware to deal with personal matters in a responsible way. Follow your cities and neighborhood guidelines, and as long as you are obeying those guidelines, you are free to do whatever you want! 

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