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  • Published on Oct 20, 2015
    3 Reasons Kansas City is No Longer a “Flyover City”

    Most people not from Kansas City don’t realize the potential that this fine city has. For years it has been said that Kansas City was a “flyover city.”  The people were nice enough, but there just wasn’t that much to do. Well all of that is changing at a rapid pace over the past couple of years. With new infrastructure popping up all over the city, an injection of youth in the downtown areas and more, Kansas City is becoming one of the best places to not only live, but raise a family as well. Here are three reasons why Kansas City is no longer the “flyover city” everyone loathes.

    There is So Much to Do

    Rarely will you hear someone say, “There’s nothing to do tonight,” in Kansas City. With so many surrounding areas 10-15 minutes away from downtown, there is always something to do in the Kansas City Metro area. The Country Club Plaza is an amazing place to shop, dine, or be entertained. The Power & Light district is perfect for experiencing live music, great food and drink and also is home to the College Basketball Experience. On weekends, River Market fills with numerous vendors and shops as the city’s farmers market is hosted.

    In addition to the vibrant downtown scene, Kansas City also includes several surrounding cities that have just as much to offer. If you haven’t checked out the new Top Golf in Overland Park, it is truly a great experience. One thing we have noticed over the years is that new places and new businesses want to be a part of Kansas City, which should make the residents and people living here excited for what is to come.

    It’s One of the Top Places to Live in the Country

    In a list created by the Huffington Post last year, Kansas City was named as the most up-and-coming city in the country. Why you may ask? Well, we did just list a ton of reasons up above, but their are plenty more why Kansas City is one of the top places to live in the country. For one, it is an amazing place to raise a family. Kansas City has several great public school systems, and there are more than three major universities within 2-3 hours driving.

    The cost of living is also very low compared to the coasts and other midwest cities. With all of these things headed in the right direction, it is more attractive now than ever to make the move to KC.

    Our Baseball Team is Back

    I don’t know if you know this but the Kansas City Royals are back! After no appearances in the playoffs since 1985, the Royals were 90 feet away from tying the World Series in 2014. In 2015, no one projected them to make it to the playoffs. But here they are, back in the ALCS and looking to go to back to back World Series for the first time in franchise history. Everyone always said that Kansas City is a baseball city, but for decades we really didn’t get to see that because of how the team was performing. Well starting in 2013, you could really see a shift in the town’s overall mood towards baseball and the Royals. Watching the magical run to the World Series last year was one of the most memorable times this city has had in ages. Games would be on in offices, everyone had more Royals gear around town and the city just had an energy about it.

    The Kansas City Royals revival very closely resembles that of Kansas City’s revival as well. This team never gives up, always keeps fighting and has an attitude and swagger that reflects on the city they represent. Kansas City is here to stay, and here at Trailside RV we are proud to serve our customers the best RV experience in the city.

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