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  • Published on Apr 09, 2014

    Crash Course on RVs

    But we won't be doing any actual crashing (hopefully). If you're new or interested in the RV world or lifestyle, it's easy to get overwhelmed very quickly. Travel trailers, fifth wheels, towing guidelines, winterization, floorplans.. It's a lot to take in. Or maybe you're an avid RV enthusiast and just want a quick refresh on the different trailer types and characteristics. Here's a handy guide to help anyone learn some RV basics.


    RVs, or recreational vehicles, is a term applied to any kind of motor vehicle or trailer designed with a living space or special amenities that you would commonly find in a house. After that general overview, things can get a little confusing. Let's sort that out.

    MotorhomesClass C Motorhome

    Naturally, most people think of motorhomes when they hear the term "RV". Motorhomes are a special type of RV that resembles large vans or buses. They are able to move without being towed and come in many different shapes and sizes for any need. Motorhomes are usually designated a class rating depending on size and fuel.

    Travel TrailersTravel Trailer

    Travel trailers can be broken down further into subcategories of travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and campers. Here's a quick comparison so you can spot the differences:

    • Travel Trailers: A trailer designed to be towed by a truck van. Broad term used for nearly any type of RV trailer.
    • Fifth Wheel: Larger trailer designed to be towed by a medium- to heavy-duty truck with a special fifth wheel coupling.
    • Toy Hauler:  A trailer with a living area and extra cargo space for hauling larger items like ATVs or motorcycles.
    • Camper: A smaller trailer used for camping. Very lightweight and usually called a popup camper because of the design

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