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  • Published on May 19, 2015
    Why You Should Consider RV Caravans

    Owning an RV can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but if you aren't prepared for what owning an RV entails, you could be wondering what you got yourself into. That is why if you want to try out the RV experience in a controlled setting, taking part in an RV Caravan could be very beneficial for you. So what kinds of things can you do? Here are some options that you can try before you buy.

    RV Caravans

    RV Caravans are a group of travelers that have a pre-planned and professionally run itinerary. If you are thinking about buying an RV or don't feel comfortable traveling on your own, going on a caravan is a great way to get introduced to the RV world.

    Most caravans feature a leader commonly referred to as a "wagonmaster" who will lead your caravan to your destinations. In addition a "tailgunner" is placed at the rear of the caravan and makes sure no one strays from the path. The "tailgunner" also helps with any repairs that might need to be done to an RV.

    After each day of activities and driving, the RVers will camp together in the same campground. campground, telling stories around the campfire and planning the next day's ride. Caravans can be as short as a week or as long as several months. You will need your own RV to go on a caravan, so if you are wanting to get a taste for the RV lifestyle but don't have an RV, you will need to rent.

    Why Caravan?

    There are several reasons that one should considering taking an RV Caravan, especially if you are new to RVs.

    Develop Connections and Relationships

    The first reason is that you can get to know a great group of people who can help you ease in to the RV experience. Imagine meeting people that you can call if you need any advice or want to go on a trip with in the future. Many RVers tend to meet lifelong friends on RV caravan trips.

    Help with RV Issues

    Another great reason to caravan is that you have help with service issues. If you are new or not confident in fixing issues with your rig, a caravan has an entire community of people that can help you learn how to solve problems and fix issues. Traveling alone or with your family can be scary if you run into problems you can't fix, so a caravan is a great option for your first or second time traveling.

    Everything is Taken Care Of

    Your "wagonmaster and "tailgunner" are professionals in planning caravans and making sure your tour is a great experience. All you have to do is follow the lead and they take care of the rest! Most caravans include:

    • A detailed itinerary 
    • The services of your Wagonmaster and Tailgunner
    • Medical assistance insurance
    • Fees for border crossings and visas
    • Planned activities
    • Organized social events
    • Great campgrounds to stay at

    Here are some great caravaning options and their websites where you can find more information.

    Trailside RV

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