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  • Published on Aug 19, 2015
    Top Camping Dangers in Missouri

    Camping in Missouri is always a good time. From the beautiful scenery, to the fresh waters and great activities, you can always have a good time camping in the Show Me State! With all of the great however their are also things you need to be careful of as well.

    Camping in Missouri can present some mild dangers that if not addressed could wind up hurting people. We are here to make sure you are safe and always have the most enjoyable time in Missouri, so here are a few things to be aware of when camping in the MO!


    To some outsiders, you wouldn’t think of Missouri as bear country, but bears are known to occupy several parts of Missouri. The primary spot bears like to inhabit is the Ozark Region of southern Missouri, but they have been known to roam in Northern Missouri as well.

    The number one thing to remember about bears is that they are quite afraid of humans, and your chance of being attacked is slim to none, but in a rare circumstance, you should be prepared! 

    What to Do if You See a Bear

    If a bear is wandering close to a campsite and hears loud noises, usually the bear will take off and you will never see it. If you return to your campsite and find a bear rummaging through your stuff, wave your arms, scream and if there are small rocks nearby, throw them in the bears general direction. Bears love to go after food, so best practice is to dispose of food a long way from your camp and make sure everything is in containers so the bear can’t get a good sense of smell.


    Missouri summers are usually very hot and humid, which can attract chiggers, mosquitoes and more insects that could derail a great camping trip. Here are some of the most dangerous insects and how to prevent them from harming you.


    Chiggers are microscopic insects that can leave you feeling itchy and red. Mostly found in bushes or weeds, chiggers are tricky to deal with because you can’t see them. The best way to protect against chiggers is to protect your skin, mostly your legs by wearing tight clothes with not a lot of exposed skin showing.


    Ticks are some of the most common nuisances when camping but they are also the insects that can cause the most damage. Ticks are most commonly found in wooded areas and live by sucking blood from mammals, including humans.

    To remove a tick, you will need some tweezers and a steady hand, most likely someone elses.  You will need to pinch the tick as close to your skin as possible and pull straight out. Once the tick is removed, wash and disinfect the area.


    The most pesky of insects, mosquitoes are as much a part of a Missouri summer as the Royals or Cardinals. Almost everyone has been bitten by a mosquito at some point in their life, but you don’t have to live with constant bites!

    There are several items on the market today that are made to help relieve pesky mosquitoes from biting you. The best thing is to wear bug spray and maybe invest in a bug free lamp or bug zapper.

    Flash Floods

    Besides wildlife and insects, another camping danger to be aware of is a flash flood. Summer thunderstorms in Missouri can occasionally bring in severe flooding and flash flood areas could pop up before you know it.

    If you are out on the river on a float trip or just out in a canoe, be aware of storms and the water levels. In bad storms, stay away from metal canoes and seek shelter immediately. You don’t want to be stranded on a river when heavy rain and flooding is involved.

    Trailside RV

    We hope these camping dangers will help you be prepared for even the most extreme situations. If you need anything at all for your next camping or RV trip stop on in to Trailside RV Center and browse our extensive parts store. We have tons of items that everyone needs for their next trip!

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