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  • Published on Jun 19, 2014
    ABC's of your RV

    ABC's of your RV

    Whether you are new to RVing or a seasoned pro, there is a lot to know about your RV than you might think.  We have compiled a list of RV terminology that might help you understand whats going on with your RV inside and out. 

    A- AC is short for Alternating Current usually measured in 120 volts of power

    B- Break-away system- this system will automatically lock the brakes on your trailer should it break away from your tow vehicle due to hitch failure. 

    C- Curb weight- this is the actual weight of your vehicle including all the standard equipment without people or your gear

    D- Dinghy- Also referred to as a "toad" it is the vehicle you are towing behind your motorhome. 

    E- Equalizing hitch- this is a hitch that uses spring bars  to distribute a portion of the trailers hitch weight to tow vehicles by their front axle or trailer axle. 

    F- Fiver- also referred to as a fifth wheel

    G- Gray Water- water from your sinks and shower that usually drains into your gray water tank

    H- Hula Skirt- a skirt that is placed on the back bumper to prevent debris from flying up at other vehicles traveling behind your motorhome.

    I- Inverter- an electrical device that converts 12 volt battery power to 120 volt AC power, typically used when boondocking to power appliances such as a microwave or toaster oven. 

    J- Jackknife- the 90 degree angle that is formed between your vehicle and trailer while backing up or turning. 

    K- KOA- Kampgrounds of America- nationwide RV parks and campgrounds

    L- Laminate- the framing structure that makes up the floor, roof and walls of your RV such as the insulation and exterior cover, or the framing of the walls of your RV

    M- Motorcoach- a motor home built on a bus type chasis

    N- Net Carrying Capacity- Also referred to as the payload which is the max amount of weight of your RV with everything including full fuel tanks.  

    P- Porpoising- the up and down motion while traveling in an RV

    R- Reefer- slang term for the refrigerator on your RV

    S- Sewer Doughnut- the rubber ring that seals the dump hose so no odors escape while dumping your waste tanks

    T- Tongue Weight- the downward force being applied to the hitch ball by the trailer coupler

    U- Underbelly- the under floor surface that is usually protected by weatherproof material

    W- Wheelbase- the distance between the center lines of the main axles of your RV

    Y- Yaw- the fishtailing or swaying action of a trailer as a result of turning too fast or making sudden movements

    So, how many did you know? This is only a small list of RV terms and definitions but we hope you learned a little something today. 

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